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NURSING REFUSAL OF ASSIGNMENT is an important part of the RN Education process. The candidate who does not have an NURSING REFUSAL OF ASSIGNMENT in place is considered a candidate for failure.

The factor of nursing refusal of assignment is considered a failure of the RN education process. Thus, the candidate’s nursing refusal of assignment reflects the candidate’s lack of knowledge of what he or she should be doing and what his or her primary responsibility is to the nursing program. In other words, it is an admission of failure in the process of learning.

The nurse needs to understand that there is a basic difference between failure of assignments and failure of care. The RN education process includes both failures in the process of education and in the care giving. Failure of assignments is required in the education process because the courses are on a variety of subjects which can be diverse and may vary depending on the content being presented.

Hence, the nurse needs to have an understanding of what the task is and what his or her responsibilities are in taking on the assignment. The organization needs to be able to train and develop the candidate so that he or she knows what he or she should be doing in order to finish the assignment successfully. The goal is to see that the candidate understands what he or she should be doing and what his or her primary responsibility is to the nursing program.

The simplest way to understand the nursing refusal of assignment is to see that failure in a nursing assignment does not necessarily indicate failure in nursing care. It is not the task of the candidate to know what is required for care in any assignment. It is up to the nurse to properly instruct and create the circumstances that allow the candidate to learn.

The nurse, however, must be able to give the necessary instructions that help the candidate to do what he or she is supposed to do. He or she should be able to identify what he or she should be doing at any given time. He or she should be able to coordinate the physical and emotional resources of the candidate with the care being provided by the nursing staff. He or she should be able to make sure that the candidate is functioning in a safe environment and is able to deliver the care being required.

To some nurses, a patient’s condition is a mystery. The patient may appear healthy but the nurse’s inexperience in the care given to the patient may cause the patient to suffer as a result of the confusion. This type of failure in the nursing assignment may occur whether the patient is healthy or ill.

When this happens, the nursing staff, who can be the patient or the nurse, must recognize the need for further assessment or to be told why the care is required by the patient. Failure in the assignment may occur when the nurse makes a decision without fully understanding the context of the assignment and it may also occur when the nursing staff is attempting to provide care to a patient that they are unfamiliar with.

The proper knowledge about the assigned patient is essential for the nurses in the assignment and for the nursing staff. The nursing staff must recognize that the duty of the nurses is to ensure that the assignment has been completed. They should be able to understand the current situation that the patient is facing and then assist the patient in getting through that situation.

Most of the time, nurses recognize the importance of the nursing assignment and they act accordingly. They know what their responsibilities are, whether it is to provide care to the patient or the nurse and they are able to do so in a manner that supports the nurse’s role as the primary caregiver. A failure in the assignment may occur when the nurse does not fulfill his or her duty to the patient.

The nurse should be able to communicate with the patient to try to convince him or her that their presence in the environment is more than just a patient on the nursing home or hospital floor. The nurse should acknowledge that the nurse is there as the primary caregiver and should tell the patient that they will be doing their best to get them through this situation.

When nursing refusal of assignment occurs, the nursing staffs must make sure that they can continue their duties without the existence of the failed nursing assignment. The job is to continue the care providing activity while the nursing staff is missing.

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