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For most nursing students and practicing nurses, a one-on-one clinical make up assignment may seem daunting. However, the required elements of a good make up job are the same for all nurses; the only difference between a decent patient make up and an amazing nurse make up is the level of detail.

Professional nurses will require no make up at all, but many nurses know that their patients may not care as much about make up as you or I do. This may be an important consideration in getting a nurse make up assignment. Here are some tips to help you with your Nursing Clinical Make Up Assignment.

o The proper size of areas for make up are needed for your first proper try in the area. You need to use shades that allow sunlight to enter so that the makeup will look less difficult to apply. This can also be a reason to choose a darker shade of skin so that the colors are more difficult to blend with skin tones.

o There is no need to use the incorrect color for the eyes, unless you are using the correct color for the eyes already on the patient. If the hospital staff member cannot tell who you are, it can often be difficult to remove all the make up and reapply it. Again, this is a standard part of the job and will not cause you any problems if you choose the correct shade.

o If you are applying the right make up for the area where the cheek and nose meet, make sure that the area of contact does not have any visible scars or discolorations. They can make the make up apply less smoothly and take longer to dry. Keep in mind that the more areas of contact, the more often you may have to touch up the make up at some point.

o Never change the shade of blush that you use. Although it can be attractive, you may be better off with what you already have. Blush will make your skin look even more unnatural. If you have a good base foundation to begin with, you can use just a bit of blush to make the make up more natural looking.

o Make sure that you are using the correct shades of foundation and powder. While there is no one size fits all foundation that can make a perfect make up for every patient, there are some foundation types that will look better on particular skin types. You may want to use a high-coverage foundation that will cover blemishes that have become much more apparent over time.

o Brown eyes are always more difficult to work with than blue eyes. Although it may seem like brown eyes are easier to work with, the make up will probably need to be more intense. If this is the case, you will have to know your options with the correct shade of skin and eyeliner to work with.

o The eye shadow is also another area of concern when trying to decide on the best shade. Make sure that the amount of glitter in the make up is realistic. If you have a lot of glitter to work with, then there is a good chance that the picture of the patient will look more detailed than it needs to be.

o Some colors will look better with skin tones that are more orange or yellow in nature. Blue eyes may look better with blue eyes or a lighter shade of green. This is a judgment call that is subject to the patient’s skin tone.

It is very important to take into account all of these factors when writing a Nursing Clinical Make Up Assignment. There are many different things that can make a subtle shade of blue look much more orange than it should and it may be difficult to find the correct make up that matches allof the best conditions. Take some time to consider the kind of skin tone you have and the best possible make up for each of the different aspects of your body.

Whether you are working on a regular make up assignment or you are assigned to a detail nurse, it is important to consider the kinds of skin tone that you have. and use that information to give yourself the best possible make up during your Nursing Clinical Practice Make Up Assignment. .

Posted on May 24, 2020 in Online Nursing Homework

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