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Nowadays, nursing assignments are based on acuity. Acuity is the number of patients who can be treated by a given nurse. So, how does one plan for a nurse assignment?

First of all, prepare a list of all the patients that can be treated by the nurse. Look for patients who require special medical care or nursing care. Find out if there are any patients who can’t be cured with simple medications. Second, assess the needs of the patients.

The needs are the things that the patient doesn’t want to do because of boredom. The basic purpose of a nursing assignment is to help the patient overcome boredom. In order to take care of the patients, a nurse must know their illness. When the nurse has enough information about the patients, she can prepare the appropriate nursing assignments. Thus, make sure that the patient’s condition will get a better treatment in the nursing center.

There are plenty of nurses who are already prepared for the assignment and it is good to have information from the hospital staff. Also, the patient must be checked up by the nurse in order to get an estimate of how well the nurse can handle the assignment. Third, ask the patient if he has any questions about the nursing assignment.

Asking the patient is important because it gives the nurse time to prepare for the assignment. There are many things that need to be completed when taking care of a patient in a nursing unit. Also, there are always questions that the patient may ask when the nurse is ready to start.

Some nurses need to be on call at all times. However, there are also situations where it is needed to take care of patients who are already at home. Fourth, take into account that the patient might suffer from allergies during the assignment.

Therefore, the patient might suffer from allergic reactions even if they don’t show them. Therefore, it is essential to call the patient immediately if there is an allergic reaction. Fifth, it is good to find out the family history of the patient in order to know his family health condition.

In this way, it is a good idea to inform the family members of the patient. Sixth, the nurses should be careful when they give the medication. Always remember that the patient can die if the medication is not given to him.

If the patient is already a sick person, then the nurses have to give the medications on time and only when they are needed. Seventh, it is also good to read the instructions carefully before giving the medication. This way, the nurse will be able to give the medication as per the instructions.

When the nurse is treating the patient, she has to see to it that the staff members are taking good care of the patient. Eighth, the nurse should watch the activities of the patient. It is important to tell the staff to keep the patient busy if they want to prevent the situation where the patient might get tired and frustrated.

When the patient feels bored, the staff members should be checking out other activities that will make the patient happy. Ninth, it is good to ask the patient if he needs something to drink. They will surely need some water if they have very dry lips.

It is important to consider the above-mentioned details when preparing for nursing assignments based on acuity. Make sure that the nurses are knowledgeable about the basic things. And remember that all these are just the things that the nurses need to know.

Posted on May 24, 2020 in Online Nursing Homework

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